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Paris 15district

Global Chinese Sole Agent - Iron Tower Manor

​ is on sale🔥


Project Highlights

This project is located in the 15th district of Paris and is a rare new housing project (Rareté de l'offre) in this area

The project is divided into two apartment buildings with a modern industrial style exterior design

Pursue modern and simple aesthetics 

stunning landscape

along the Seine

Unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower


Business District/Restaurant/School

Such resources are very rich 

Convenient transportation:

bus, subway,

Paris Express RER C within walking distance

from 685 000 euros

Delivery in the first quarter of 2025

-The project won the championship of the third "Reinventing Paris Design" Réinventer Paris" residential project competition initiated by the Paris City Government.

The location is superior, adjacent to the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower; 1/3 of the apartments have a view of the Eiffel Tower, 1/3 have a view of the Seine River, and two sets of duplex lofts with open-air balconies on the top floor have a 360-degree panoramic view, allowing you to have a bird's-eye view of the charm of Paris without leaving home Beautiful scenery.

Top-of-the-line configuration with high-end concierge service.


The world premiere, only this one, 47 sets, hurry up and contact the exclusive Chinese agent - Yinshe team!

listing video

​Live video

Official promotional video

high life


Terrace and private garden

Front row seats for a unique experience

The most iconic building in the core area


high tech facilities

The apartment is equipped with SOMFY's Tahoma Rail-Din-s box, which can directly control all the devices in the home through the mobile phone.


Excellent service purpose

Whether it's restaurant reservations or organizing a private event, the concierge service caters to all needs.

​unit price

四居室 ( 5 Pièces )
132.6 m2 - 259.3 m2
1er - 9ème
5 215 000 € - 10 500 000 €
三居室 ( 4 Pièces )
87.5 m2 - 111 m2
1er - 7ème
2 915 000 € - 4 300 000 €
二居室 ( 3 Pièces )
71.6 m2 - 130.5 m2
1er - 8ème
1 020 000 € - 2 820 000 €
一居室 ( 2 Pièces )
55.3 m2 - 72.1 m2
1er - 8ème
780 000 € - 1 700 000 €
Studio ( 1 Pièces )
27.7 m2 - 65.2 m2
1er - 8ème
685 000 € - 1 780 000 €

Please contact us for specific apartment types and price
+33 06 95 69 70 97 

​house layout


regional intelligence

geographic location

  • Located in the noble 15th arrondissement on the left bank of Paris

  • Adjacent to Piazza Trocaro in the aristocratic 7th and 16th arrondissements

  • next to the Seine

  • Overlooking the Bir-Hakeim Bridge

  • Enjoy stunning views of the Eiffel Tower

nice environment

  • Large parks and green spaces within easy reach

  • The Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars are within reach

  • Abundant historical and cultural architectural resources

  • Surrounded by culture and art: Quai branly Museum, Human Museum, etc.

Educational Resources

  • 3 minutes walk from Emeriau Kindergarten and Primary School downstairs 

  • Only a 6-minute walk from the library 

  • Only a 15-minute walk from École Jeannie-Manuel, the most famous international school in Paris

  • Roger Verlomme High School 11 minutes walk

​ surrounding traffic

  • Line C Champ de Mars Eiffel Tower 5 minutes walk

  • 4 minutes walk from Bir-Hakeim, Line 6

  • 4 minutes walk from bus line 30

  • 3 minutes walk from bus line 42

  • 10 minutes from the ring road via Bas-Meudon

nice environment

Large parks and green spaces are within easy reach, Citizen Park, Iron Tower Mars Square
Rich historical and cultural architectural resources: Quai branly Museum, Human Museum, etc.

​geographic location

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