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International trilingual sales and professional operation team, rich market experience, provide enterprises and individuals with investment information,

All-round one-stop service for high-end real estate transactions, asset planning and management in Paris.


Seller's Agent

Through a blend of market data and professional experience analysis, AAriane accurately prices properties for sale. Our professional marketing team visits the property, stages it, and captures both photos and videos. Our senior copywriters customize a promotional plan to ensure that the listing information is highlighted with the best visual effects and all-encompassing market promotion.

Sellers benefit from the traffic bonus of the AAriane platform, as we create dedicated webpages for each property listed, complete with independent press releases and multi-channel social media exposure. We accurately identify and target potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.


For the sale of large-scale real estate developments, we create customized marketing strategies for developers and implement promotions to maximize exposure.


Our international multilingual team provides services in Chinese, French, English, and Korean, catering to a diverse range of clients.


Buyer's Agent

Looking from the perspective of a buyer, AAriane offers custom-tailored one-stop real estate solutions, including information and property hunting services. With extensive experience in the local French real estate market, we provide global buyers with the finest real estate valuation and purchase recommendations to avoid potential pitfalls.


In case our current listings do not match the buyer's preferences, our elite AAriane team can provide VIP flat hunting services with a mandate from the buyer.

  • We can scour both the market and off-market to locate properties that meet the buyer's specific criteria, based on their interests.

  • We take charge of the selection and visitation of the most suitable housing options, saving our clients valuable time and effort.

  • We also devote ourselves to price negotiations on the buyer's behalf, striving to secure the best deal possible.


AAriane collaborates with professional bilingual lawyers and notaries to accompany the entire property purchasing process. Our clients do not need to be present on-site (in France) to sign the property purchase contract, as we handle everything with utmost care and attention to detail.

Property Management

  • AAriane offers real estate leasing management services, including interpretation of relevant regulations, development of the best leasing plan, finding high-quality tenants, preparing leasing contracts, and maintaining room conditions before and after leasing.

  • In addition, we offers professional property management services to ensure your assets are well taken care of from every aspect, including housing conditions, administrative matters, taxation, and more.


  • We provide administrative and tax representation services, taking care of paying real estate taxes, property fees, and other related taxes and fees. Additionally, we deal with house emergencies and follow up with insurance declarations and compensation processes.

  • Our team can act as a proxy for the owner's meeting, analyzing the content of the meeting and discussing and confirming voting opinions, including those regarding the operating budget of the apartment, building maintenance, and renovation projects.


Quarterly/annual reports will be made regularly on all financial, budgetary and other aspects of work

Propert Management
Lifestyle - Concierge

Lifestyle - Concierge

Lifestyle Service:

• Bespoke travel to South France, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Italy, etc.


• Personal designed Paris food / drink itinerary


• VIP shopping experiences / culture, art, fashion, sports events appointments


Concierge - Butler Service:


Our check-in service assists clients in purchasing house insurance and setting up utilities such as water, electricity, TV, and internet. Housekeeping and airport pick-up etc..

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