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We are busy and conscientiously collecting housing transaction data in different areas like a little bee, making a comprehensive cross-analysis with the development of commercial and office buildings in the area, and adding the surrounding infrastructure configuration (such as new traffic lines, Olympic equipment construction, etc.) conditions To infer the future development trend and price trend of the region;

After the area is decided, we will strictly understand the specific specifications of different projects, the reputation of the developer, the commitment conditions of the project, etc. to select our recommended projects (no more than three projects per phase).

You are welcome to fill in our questionnaire: tell us your housing or investment needs, and we can find and select excellent projects in a more directional way.

We will be launching the first select projects in the expected fourth quarter of 2019, you can

  • leave contact information

  • Pay attention to our public account (Silver House French Real Estate Navigation)

  • Apply to join our information exchange group

We will notify you of our online projects as soon as possible, and regularly send real estate market and investment information written by professionals.

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