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Paris 7 arrondissement

Fashion style apartment with tower view and artistic flow







6 800 000 euros

The apartment is located on the quiet, high-end Rue Rapp on the Left Bank, named after the French Imperial General Jean-Rapp (1773-1821), who distinguished himself in numerous battles and was credited with saving Napoleon's life on numerous occasions . The geographical location is superior, with many subway lines C and Line 9, etc., facing the Alma Bridge on the Seine River in the north, and sitting on the two most beautiful scenery in Paris, the Champ de Mars and the Invalides Square.

The apartment has a total of 303 square meters and is sold with furniture. It is a French-style first floor with a single door and an open entrance. The double living room and several floor-to-ceiling windows allow people to enjoy the beautiful city scenery even when they are sitting, lying and wandering. The wall next to it is directly made into a wine cabinet, and the dark brown wall complements the color of the table frame in the billiard room next to it. The restaurant furniture is simple in shape and the desktop is left blank, which interprets exquisite life in purity. The bathroom can have a panoramic view of the iron tower, and the black and white marble countertops endow the home with a deep and stable sense of belonging. The leather reclining chair along the window in the master bedroom strengthens the functionality and enjoyment. Sitting down and enjoying the view of the tower, every moment is different. There are 3 other bedrooms, gym and a nanny's room.

Every local corner is full of strong sense of art, showing the taste of the owner. From the high-end and exquisite kitchen, hanging paintings to carpets, seats to lockers, all reflect the owner's delicacy and care.

Geographic Location

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