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Neuilly Sur Seine

Global Chinese Sole Agent - Iron Tower Manor

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Project Highlights

Located in the west of central Paris, just a few kilometers away from famous Parisian landmarks and commercial centers.

The construction works are divided into two, renovation works (VIR) and reconstruction works (VEFA). It will be fully completed in the first quarter of 2026.

Fragrant flowers, comfortable

​Bring nature back to the city center and immerse yourself in the comfortable and refreshing range created by green plants.


Business District/Restaurant/School

Such resources are very rich 

Convenient transportation:

9 minutes walk from Anatole France, Metro Line 3;

15 minutes walk from LES SABLONS of Metro Line 1;

from 685 000 euros

Delivery in the first quarter of 2026

- Developed by the French state-owned holding company with strong capital behind it. The main developer is from ICADE, one of the largest real estate companies in France, and will complete the construction in accordance with national standards to standardize the expected construction quality. With the support of central enterprise developers, No. 58 Hugo Street will allow you to avoid the troubles brought by most private enterprise developers and ensure the high quality of your new home.

- Diversified apartment types and flexible budget choices. There are not only studio units for single nobles or small families, but also a 300-meter-high flat on the top floor where you can not only have a panoramic view of the night view of Paris, but also privately enjoy the rare large-scale outdoor garden in Paris.

- Installment payment, free use of funds. The French transfer tax will be borne by the real estate developer itself. When booking for the first time, pay a deposit of 2% for renovation projects or 4% for reconstruction projects, and pay a down payment of 35% for renovation projects or 40% for reconstruction projects when handing over the house.

listing video

Official promotional video

high life

截屏2023-05-31 14.26.05.png

Terrace and private garden

The super large area of natural greening and super landscape are the original intention and concept of the design, and strive to become a new vane of high-end life in Paris.

截屏2023-05-31 14.25.37.png

high tech facilities

5 point shielded landing port with A2P**BP1 lock and micro screw


PIN access control and videophone


Enter the parking lot through license plate recognition and personal remote control


Video surveillance in the basement

截屏2023-05-31 14.26.49.png

Excellent service purpose

The design team led by the famous designer Oliver Lempereur has made the decoration of every corner to the extreme.

Added a large number of managers in the center of the lobby to ensure security and privacy

​unit price

四居室 ( 5 Pièces )
132.6 m2 - 259.3 m2
1er - 9ème
5 215 000 € - 10 500 000 €
三居室 ( 4 Pièces )
87.5 m2 - 111 m2
1er - 7ème
2 915 000 € - 4 300 000 €
二居室 ( 3 Pièces )
71.6 m2 - 130.5 m2
1er - 8ème
1 020 000 € - 2 820 000 €
一居室 ( 2 Pièces )
55.3 m2 - 72.1 m2
1er - 8ème
780 000 € - 1 700 000 €
Studio ( 1 Pièces )
27.7 m2 - 65.2 m2
1er - 8ème
685 000 € - 1 780 000 €

Please contact us for specific apartment types and price documents
+33 06 95 69 70 97 

​house layout

截屏2023-05-31 14.51.19.png

regional intelligence

geographic location

  • The city of Neuilly-sur-Seine is located on the right bank of the Seine, adjacent to the west of Paris, adjacent to the 16th arrondissement of Paris and the Levallois-Perret district;

  • One of the most affluent and upscale residential areas in the Paris region;

  • Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy served as the mayor of the city from 1983 to 2002; Liliane Bettencourt, the former richest woman in the world, head of L'Oreal Group, chose to spend her later years in this city.

nice environment

  • Large parks and green spaces are within easy reach, and the Bois de Boulogne, the "lung of Paris", is located not far from the property;

  • The secret garden of the locals in Paris - Parc de Bagatelle;

  • ​There is also an art exhibition hall around the real estate, where you can feel the beauty of architecture and art;

Educational Resources

  • Marymonut international school, a well-known century-old private school, is a 10-minute walk;

  • The cradle of the French elite - a 7-minute walk to the famous Lycée Pasteur high school;

​ surrounding traffic

  • Metro Pont de Neuilly (line 1) and Les Sablons (line 1);

  • 9 minutes walk from Anatole France, Metro Line 3;

  •    15 minutes walk from LES SABLONS of Metro Line 1;

  •    La Défense 15 minutes by car;

  •    Opera House 24 minutes by public transport;

  •    Louvre Museum 27 minutes by car;


  • An affluent area on the outskirts of Paris, France, is considered an attractive real estate investment destination and a potential stock in the investment market;

  • As a high-end area on the outskirts of Paris, the real estate market in Neuilly is relatively stable;

  • With the attractiveness and prime location of Neuilly, there is strong rental demand in the area.

nice environment

Large parks and green spaces are within easy reach, Citizen Park, Iron Tower Mars Square
Rich historical and cultural architectural resources: Quai branly Museum, Human Museum, etc.

​geographic location

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