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​Project Highlights



  • Only 15km away from Paris, convenient transportation

  • The apartment is in a great environment, surrounded by forest, suitable for family settlement

  • The advantages of school district housing, from kindergarten, primary school to international high school, are the first choice for families with children

  • The top-notch configuration of the project itself is complete. The five buildings are separated by a large area of green plants around. At the same time, the glass roof and floor-to-ceiling windows are designed to provide excellent lighting in the rooms.

  • Compared with the southwestern suburbs of Paris with a similar environment, the price is more favorable and the cost performance is very high.




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​Forest Yaju


Handover: end of 2021

Garches is surrounded by nature and is adjacent to the "Green Lung of Paris" in the 16th arrondissement to the east

Bois de Boulogne, southwest by Saint-Cucafa and la forêt domaniale de

Surrounded by Fausses-reposes, it perfectly blends the tranquility and safety of the suburbs with the richness and vitality of the city. Therefore, it is popular with the middle class, who can escape the hustle and bustle of the city after a day's work and enjoy the tranquility and luxury of the suburbs of Paris.

The town has complete supporting facilities and rich educational, medical and sports cultural resources, making it the first choice for families with children. The town has three public kindergartens and two private primary schools (St. Joseph, Montessori bilingual school), as well as a number of international secondary schools. The world-renowned surgical wound repair hospital Raymond-Poincare is also located here. At the same time, there is the biological laboratory of Louis Pasteur, a French microbiologist, chemist and founder of microbiology, so the town gathers the world's top biomedical talents. , socially active people also

Mainly business executives and researchers.

Garches is one of the most beautiful and affluent towns in Hauts-de-Seine, with an average income of local residents of €5,205/month (INSEE data, 2014), and an average of €3,945/month in Paris. And the environment is pleasant and diverse, and the real estate is very cost-effective. According to Seloger data, the average price of an apartment in Garches is currently about 6,800 euros per square meter, while the average price of Versailles in the 78 provinces with similar southwest surrounding environment has reached 7,300 euros, and the average price of apartments in Issy les Moulineau in 92 provinces is 8,800 euros per square meter. The Boulogne Billancourt, across the forest to the east, is as high as 9,300 euros. Not to mention the southwestern suburbs of Paris, the natural environment and supporting facilities in the northern part of Paris are slightly inferior to Clichy. At present, the average apartment price is already 7,100 euros per square meter. It can be seen that the Garches area is really a cost-effective place to buy real estate.

Facility introduction


  • Terrace and private garden

  • Videophones and digital gateways

  • solid floor

  • porcellanosa tiles

  • Aluminium tinted window

  • Built-in electric blinds


  • closet

  • Washbasin cabinet, mirror and strip light

  • Grohe Water Head Unit

  • cellar

  • underground parking garage

  • Bike storage

regional intelligence


great location 

Garches, which is only 15km away from Paris, is closely surrounded by nature, and is adjacent to the Boulogne Forest, the "green lung of Paris" in the 16th district to the east. It has a beautiful environment and is especially suitable for families to settle in.

social crowd


The average income of local residents is €5,205/month, which is popular with the middle and upper class. It brings together the world's top biomedical talents, and the socially active crowd is also mainly corporate executives and scientific researchers.

Garches, 15 kilometers west of Paris, is easily accessible, 12 minutes from La Defense and 20 minutes from Saint Lazard station by train. Line 15 will also pass through this in the future.

School District Environment 

The town has three public kindergartens and two private primary schools (St. Joseph, Montessori bilingual school), as well as a number of international secondary schools

great accessibility 

House price

Geographical location

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