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Paris 16th arrondissement

250-square-meter flat floor: Wealthy neighbors, extreme luxury


251 m2




7,200,000 Euros

Speaking of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, people immediately get the impression of fashion and luxury. Not only are there many embassies from various countries here, but it is also an area where the rich are keen to buy real estate. The sophistication of the 16th arrondissement in Paris is comparable to Kensington and Chelsea in London, or the Upper East Side in New York. But for everyone, there is a different meaning here. The 16th arrondissement of Paris is like a melting pot of art and nature. The unique style of architecture not only carries the aristocratic life in the traditional sense of Paris, but also retains a relaxed and charming atmosphere of returning to nature in the city.

Ottoman architecture is an inescapable emotion in everyone's heart. The apartment is dominated by black, white, and log colors, with marble as warm as jade, the Zen and minimalism of logs, and the exquisitely carved top corners, all of which highlight the aristocratic temperament. The large flat floor of 250 square meters is matched with gentle but not sweet creamy white, which is different from the deserted pure white. The creamy color coats the home with a layer of filter without visual burden. Carved lines, stone fireplaces, French double doors and other French elements are presented in an axially symmetrical manner, combined with modern design techniques to create a simple, refined, simple and advanced French romantic and luxurious texture.


Among the elements of happiness in the cold winter, the fireplace must dominate. Marble fireplaces are standard in Ottoman apartments. Its decorative lines are rich, and the carving patterns are restrained and unique. Usually, there are huge mirrors on the top. The combination of materials coincides with the oriental "Feng Shui" theory.

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