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Paris is Europe's top-performing city, according to global real estate consultancy giant Knight Frank's PIRI 100 (Best International Residential Index of the Year). According to data analysis by IKORY France, the demand for new home purchases in Greater Paris continued to increase in the first nine months of 2019, with a 6% increase in home sales over the same period in 2018.


Have you considered buying a property in Paris, whether you live in or invest?

Why is Paris's new housing market rising, while the average price per square metre of the second-hand housing market is falling behind?

What are the advantages of new houses compared to second-hand houses?

Many children's shoes have probably heard of the various tax and financial benefits of new houses, but do you know the real advantages of new houses compared to material quality?

Differences between new and old homes


First of all, the reason for the price difference between the new house and the old house is that the developer's land value fee will affect the price of the new house, although the old house does not involve this point. Then there is the choice of building materials for new houses, as well as various new house building standards and specifications issued by the French government, such as energy saving and sound insulation, which are very important, and must be conducive to the use of people with disabilities and people with disabilities, etc. The choice of new building materials and various standard specifications will certainly increase the cost and the price of new houses, but from a long-term perspective, it saves the owners' expenses in the future.


The following editors explain the advantages of new houses from different angles:

01 Hardware aspects

Material selection of the new house: The biggest difference between the outer wall structure of the new house and the old house is that an extra layer of gypsum board is added to the outer wall of the new house, which is called Placoplatre BA13 in French and has a thickness of 13mm, hence the name. In Chinese, it is called a double-layer homogeneous compact wall. Excellent thermal insulation. One of the benefits is: warm in winter and cool in summer. And this design, another important purpose is to reduce energy consumption: heating, air conditioning...  This saves future landlords a considerable amount of money (water, electricity, heating, etc.). French policy makers should be applauded here. In the 21st century, in which development and environmental protection are competing, they are the benchmark of this era, regardless of the Kyoto Protocol or the national consensus.


[Dry goods] Why buy a new house? Take you to understand the advantages of buying a new house in Paris
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