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After the epidemic, what are the opportunities for the long-term high housing market in Paris?

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First, let’s talk about what you are most concerned about  Price : This is a matter of opinion, and while I read tons of forecast reports every day, from all sides, the conclusion is that no one really knows how the market will react. My opinion is that the price of prime properties (location, quality of the property itself) will not fluctuate too much. Because the owners of this type of real estate are generally not under pressure to sell immediately; the buyers who buy this kind of product are generally in good economic situation, and the loan will not be affected too much; at the same time, the tenants of this kind of real estate generally also have certain People with relatively stable economic strength and economic status form a "virtuous circle". Such lines are called  The high-quality assets of "prime/core properties" have strong earthquake resistance and value preservation, and their advantages are obvious under the crisis.


On the contrary, opportunities will only appear in those houses that are forced to sell in a hurry. There are two situations after the epidemic:


  a) Inheritance Classes - Rich Man's Game


Everyone knows that the most victims of the new crown are the elderly. What you may not know is that many good wineries in France are forced to sell when they are inherited: France has a high inheritance tax, and it must be It is paid within 6 months, resulting in many families unable to pay inheritance tax in addition to selling their property. So if you have the following conditions, you may seize some real estate investment opportunities after the epidemic!


  • Inheritance houses are generally not renovated for many years, so firstly, you must have a discerning eye to see the potential of the house; secondly, you must be mentally prepared for a comprehensive renovation. I have installed it myself, and I have assisted guests to install countless houses, but when it comes to decoration, the fire goes straight to the forehead! What I dare say is that no matter what your budget is, the story of the renovation is full of snot and tears! I have clients who use 5,000 euros per square meter to install, and some clients whose total budget exceeds several million. I have hired the most famous architectural firm, but there are still various situations that make people jump over the wall.

  • The area may be relatively large, and it will not be a small room type of 30 to 50 square meters, so it must have a certain economic strength.

  • Finally, to win at a low price, you must have  "cash"  . Cash here does not mean that loans cannot be made, but it needs to be 100% confirmed that it can be loaned, so as to provide sellers with a guarantee that the sale and purchase can be completed quickly in a short period of time: this is the most precious (and most valuable) condition for owners who need to sell their properties within a limited time. It is also the best tool for leveraged selling prices. For details on how to operate, interested partners can consult privately.


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