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Detailed explanation of French apartment fees (1) | What fees do I need to pay when I hold French real estate?

Overseas buyers often ask before they buy, what are the costs of owning a property in France? It is true that each country is different, and the cost can be much different. "It's easy to fall in love, but difficult to get along": It's easy to buy, and the holding period costs too much. Will it also be difficult and feel like stepping on the pit?

Fortunately, France still has an advantage in terms of real estate holding costs. We will split into two episodes: from (1) real estate holding for self-occupation  and (2) Real estate holding and renting to see different expenses and expenses.

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  • ​Building Contributions (as a percentage of the total floor area of the apartment)

1/ Property fee

  • Common area cleaning fee

  • Building operation utility bills

  • Building occupancy manager salary

  • Elevator maintenance fee

  • Central heating* (not available in all buildings)

The average property fee for an apartment in Paris is about 4-5 euros / square meter / month

2/ Major project cost

Major construction fees are usually incurred when the building requires important special maintenance (not included in the monthly payment of the property fee, the budget needs to be voted by the landlords, additional payment): such as repainting the building exterior, renovating the building roof, as well as elevator maintenance, replacement, etc. This kind of large-scale project generally takes about 20 to 25 years to carry out once.


But when buying a house, be sure to ask whether the building has any plans for such a project in the near future, if so, whether it has been voted on, and whether it has been paid for by the current landlord. Information can be read by looking at the records of the landlord's meeting in the past two or three years.

  • ​Apartment indoor cost (take a 100 square meter apartment as an example)

1/Housing Insurance Premium

If your apartment is located on the middle floor, then the annual insurance cost will be around 200-400 euros , depending on the value of the insured interior items, etc.


Insurance premiums on the top or bottom floors will be a few percent more expensive.

Comprehensive housing insurance includes the following three items:

Tenant civil liability insurance protects the landlord's property.

For example, it is protected from losses caused by accidents such as floods and water leakage.

*The insurance mentioned here is completely different from the insurance purchased when applying for a mortgage.

2/ Utility bill

- Electricity bill:

The vast majority of Parisian apartments use electric hot water, electric heating and electric stoves, and the electricity bill is 250 euros/month


- The internet:

The basic cost of high-speed internet is around 30 Euros/month , including basic TV channel fees. If you install an internet-connected alarm in your apartment, the annual fee for internet connection is around 400 euros .

3*/ cleaning fee (according to personal needs)

The price of a part-time worker for cleaning an apartment in Paris is about 15 - 20 euros / hour

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  • Taxes (Land Tax | Residence Tax | Property Wealth Tax)

- Property tax:

Land tax is payable by property owners, regardless of whether they live there or not.


- Residence tax:

The residence tax, paid by the occupants of the house, is linked to income level, but according to the new tax law proposed by President Macron, the residence tax may be completely eliminated in the past two years.

You can get an estimate of your contribution on the following website:

- Property wealth tax:


If your property has a net value of more than 1.3 million euros, the government will impose a tiered property wealth tax on the portion of the property worth more than 800,000 euros.



If the property is your "Principal residence", discount the property value by 30% before applying the wealth tax formula.

You can get an estimate of your contribution on the following website:

​In the next issue, we will analyze the expenses incurred when holding the property for rent, before and after renting, so that you will be familiar with all the expenses that will be incurred before buying. 

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