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Paris house prices rise and fall, but scarce resources are forever king

​Red Line Intelligence Group

After the epidemic, everyone dare not spend money casually, and investment has become more cautious. Everyone is staring at the real estate market, what is the trend? ! Will house prices fall? Have a (good) house to buy? The real estate market, which has been hit by the epidemic and the lockdown this year, although the growth of prices has slowed down (increased by 5.5% in June, 4.6% in July, and 4.5% in August), house prices in September (quarterly) "Surprise" fell 4.2%!


Everyone guessed that Paris house prices finally fell? ?



In fact, according to the pre-sale contracts signed in the market, the Paris notary office predicts that the house price in October will increase by 6.6% compared with the same period last year (October). 


It does not make much sense to be entangled in the fluctuation of housing prices in a short period of time. Time will tell you the result: the general direction of the Paris real estate market has not changed, and the market still has more demand than supply.


Most of the real estate experts in Paris have reached a consensus: even in the market impacted by the epidemic, real estate investment is still the most stable investment choice. So instead of worrying about the ups and downs of house prices, it’s better to focus on what type of housing to invest in .

Scarce real estate always holds the best hand

Miss Yang Tianzhen's video on Xiaohongshu  "Scarce resources have premium space" Please copy the link below to watch~ (If you don't have time, just watch it for 40-45 seconds! The words are superb!)


Click the link to watch the video:

The Suffren Avenue Giant Curtain Tower View House recommended to everyone at the end of September costs nearly 20,000 euros per square meter. Located at the junction of the 7th and 15th districts, the location is not its most prominent advantage for the very discerning. but! Its rare beauty has set it up for nearly 20,000 euros per square meter!  

And the scarce listings with landscape and outdoor space are even more popular after the epidemic: soon there are discerning customers who want to come to Paris to see the house, but before they arrive, the house has already been sold! I can only sigh: Rare things are precious, and good things need to be grabbed in any world!

​Don't be sorry~

We continue to bring you similar listings: two houses, one on the roof and one on the ground floor. Today, I will talk about the 9th floor, which is cheaper than the one sold. Next time, I will talk about the "high price" and the only one.​


The apartment is located on Suffren Avenue at the junction of the 15th and 7th districts. It is a French-style 9-storey, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and one-bathroom. The total room area is 117 square meters, with a total of 24 square meters of double balconies!


There are super long balconies on both sides of the apartment, which can overlook the Eiffel Tower and the surrounding classical buildings in Paris!


Northeast and southwest facing, light-transmitting, super long and deep living room, creating a good social space, not only suitable for family life, but also suitable for receiving guests.


American-style open kitchen, smooth countertops, smooth texture, high-end home design, modern and modern.

Bedroom ensuite with dressing and bathroom facing a spacious balcony. You will be bathed in the first rays of the morning sun.


Quiet study room, perfect lighting. A cup of coffee, a book, let you enjoy the alone time in the afternoon comfortably,


The oversized private bathroom, the new favorite design of the mosaic tile three-dimensional wall, enhances the grade style of the entire space.


The apartment is close to the supermarket, and the surrounding life and transportation are convenient.

Monthly miscellaneous fees: 583 €/month ( 6996 €/year) 

Property tax: 2 192 €

Price: 2 150 000 €  

Indoor area: 116.66 m² (total area including balcony: 140.66㎡)

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