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Paris 7th arrondissment

The top mansion in the private mansion next to the Rodin Museum




L'étage noble



5 800 000 euros

This beautiful apartment is located in a 19th-century private mansion: it was the floor where the owner of the mansion lived at the time, called étage noble (noble floor) in France. It features the highest and most luxurious floors in the building. The ceiling height of this apartment is 4.7 meters, and the entire reception space is resplendent but elegant. The kitchen is yet very modern with top of the line custom cabinetry and cooking appliances. Two sets of bedrooms with bathrooms and toilets are located one behind the other, completely separated to protect privacy. Especially the master bedroom, the whole design has changed its style, it is very modern: the floor, the duplex cloakroom, and the staircase with a strong sense of design are in sharp contrast with the living room, and at the same time it is very practical. This is the biggest feeling of this apartment: it is not only beautiful but also practical! It is a mansion where you can truly enjoy the beauty and live in comfort.

Rue Barbet de Jouy is a hidden street in the 7th district of the capital of Paris. It is hidden between the Rodin Museum and the French Prime Minister's Palace. It is only 400 meters long. Most people have never heard of it, but it is a top address among the top people in Paris. : Mr. Arnold, owner of Louis Vuitton Group, the richest man in France, lives at No. 34, and Helene Rochas, the top socialite in France at the beginning of the 20th century, lives at No. 40. "Princess Sissi" lived at No. 11 when she was alive. The Agnelli family, which is controlled by the Italian Fiat Group, and other French industrial giants, cultural and political stars, etc. The double number of this street faces the Rodin Museum and Broglie's private mansion (the largest private property in Paris, covering an area of more than 7,000 square meters, which is said to belong to the Prince of Brunei), both of which have large gardens.

There are very few housing transactions on this street: from 2014 to the present (2022), there are only two transaction records for apartments between 200 and 300 square meters. There are 4 sets of about 150 square meters. One is because there are many government departments (the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Immigration) and embassies; the other is that there are very few private landlords who are willing to sell.

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