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Paris 7th district

Facing the Sky Garden  ​Sunny Iron Tower Apartment​







1 680 000 euros

Located in the aristocratic Left Bank district of Paris, only two steps away from the Champ de Mars.


Although this apartment is located on the first floor of the French style (the second floor of the Chinese style), it faces the large sky garden with a wide view, sufficient light, and is quiet and safe. The living room, dining room and two bedrooms are all facing southeast, and the sun is shining brightly, and it will be sprinkled into the room in the morning, and because of the quietness, you can still hear the birdsong in the noisy city, and have a sense of leisure life.


The total property area is 95 square meters, with two bedrooms, two bedrooms and one bathroom. The apartment is very square without any loss of space. The floor height of 3.1 meters creates an atmospheric and spacious layout in the house. The ceiling with patterned plaster moldings, herringbone mosaic wood floor, and finely crafted wrought iron balcony exude elegant French colors everywhere.

This apartment also has a nanny's room with elegant views, a 12-square-meter basement storage room, and a hard-to-find large parking space in this area.


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