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Extremely elegant apartment in the Saint-Germain district of the left bank

The apartment designer Felix Millory is only 34 years old and is known as one of the most promising architects of the contemporary era. He has worked for the French singer and model Vanessa Paradis, the well-known brand Armani, Harrods and other private clients. and institutional services.

        A perfectionist, Felix Millory combines minimalism with classic traditions forgotten by the times, giving the space a unique identity, rich in history and richness. He pays attention to detail, blending wood, concrete, and marble into his creations, creating a comforting harmony.

        The entrance is adorned with smoked oak panelling, from which you can admire the entire apartment, where light and dark elements intertwine and interact to create an atmospheric calm. Walking through it, the wonderful light and shadow changes make you feel like you are in a theater stage. The muted tones of the hallway complement the bright living and dining room combination.

       Bright plush fabrics, mild-toned limestone, and dark-toned woods create a harmonious contrast in the lobby, creating a cosy upscale gathering space. A sleek stone fireplace is modern, while a Berber-style rug brings a sophisticated, exotic feel to the apartment.

       The kitchen is fully equipped, with textured marble counters from Italy and dark brown cabinets to create a simple cooking space full of high-end sense.

       The style of the bedroom is in the same vein as the whole apartment. Surrounded by the oversized curved headboard, with the soft and elegant earth-colored bedding, a minimalist space full of classic flavor is presented in front of you.

       The master bathroom, with its freestanding stone bathtub and full vanity, exudes the retro glamour of 1970s Rome, making for a moment of complete relaxation.

      In addition, the apartment also enjoys 1 year of free noble concierge service and 10 years of renovation project quality insurance, eliminating all worries.

regional intelligence

"Paris 6th district"

great location 

Located in the heart of the Saint-Germain neighborhood, the most secure area, across the street from the Floral Cafe and adjacent to the Saint-Germain Cathedral. The transportation is convenient, subway lines 4, 10, 12, and bus lines 39, 63, 68, and 86 can be reached.

fashion shopping

First-class boutiques such as Hermès, Louis Vitton and Ralph Lauren are all located on Rue Saint-Germain.

St. Germain Church, St Suplice Church, Luxembourg Gardens, Louvre Museum and other famous attractions are all located in the surrounding area. At night, you can enjoy the riverside scenery on the banks of the Seine, and the adjacent Pont des Beaux-Arts and Pont Neuf.

cultural environment 

Located in the Latin Quarter of Paris' 6th arrondissement, where the Jardin du Luxembourg is located, it has been the center of Parisian culture for more than 700 years. There are famous universities nearby: Sciences Po Paris and ecole de beaux art, as well as many well-known galleries, cinemas and theaters, as well as cafes such as Les Deux Magots and Café de Flore.


Geographical location

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