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Buying a house in Paris: the market is hot, are there any good investment opportunities? (Down)

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Investment Opportunities to Consider

  • Loan to buy a house


Buying a home with leverage by taking advantage of the lowest interest rates in history. Not only does the rent largely exceed the interest (earning income every year), but after the loan is repaid, there is still a house of one's own that can be sold or given to the children.


Example: If there is 300,000 euros, instead of buying a house, it is better to divide it into 3 parts of 100,000 and take out a loan to buy 3 houses. Choice can be


  1. Buying a house with management (Residence gérée): The net annual income of different types of managed houses (tourism, senior housing, student housing, etc.) on the market is about 4%. If you can use the loan cost of about 1% to "leverage" , If you can also take advantage of different tax incentives to reduce or exempt taxes, the comprehensive investment return will be very gratifying.

  2. The key to investment is to find a good professional management company (after the first phase of the 12-year lease expires, the contract conditions and prospects for the next phase) to invest in the location of the property (the potential for appreciation when selling).

  3. Buying a vacant house and handing it over to a professional company for management: the advantage is freedom, but it requires more energy investment: house renovation and maintenance, cost of vacant time, rental costs, management costs, etc.


Everyone's situation is different, please contact our investment experts to discuss and find the most suitable investment product for you.


  • buy a new house


More opportunities and great room for appreciation:


Small Paris has high house prices, tight housing supply, fierce buyer competition, and the appreciation space has reached a "bottleneck period".


The "Grand Paris Plan" will further promote the steady development of the real estate market in the Greater Paris area: First, the government has invested a lot of money in improving public transportation. The Grand Paris Express will greatly shorten the traffic time between Paris and surrounding cities. The newly built 68 The new stations will connect 1,300 cities and towns in the Paris region, including Versailles, Fontainebleau, Charles de Gaulle Airport and Disneyland and other Paris suburbs, covering a population of 15 million. At the same time, the Greater Paris plan will further speed up the construction of multiple economic zones, while easing the problems of overcrowding and limited development in Little Paris, and narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor in different regions of the Greater Paris region. The government will establish a large number of industrial parks covering emerging scientific research, biotechnology, aviation engineering and other fields, give full play to the "group energy gathering" effect, and support the urban construction and economic development of the entire region.


Conclusion: Cities in the suburbs of Paris, especially real estate along the Greater Paris, will provide many new investment opportunities. It is necessary to pay attention to finding good investment locations and investment projects. Seize areas and properties with a lot of upside. According to data from the French real estate website Guy Hoquet, due to the construction of the Grand Paris Express, house prices in the suburbs of Paris have risen steadily. Saint-Ouen in 93 provinces saw house prices rise by 18% between 2017 and 2018, while prices in Issy-les-Moulines in 92 provinces reached around 8,621 euros per square metre


  • Invest in other provinces


In addition to Paris, housing prices in Nantes, Rennes, Lyon, Bordeaux and other cities have also risen sharply, but the average price is far lower than Paris. According to the population trends and economic policy development prospects of different cities, combined with your own investment and enjoyment needs, you can also find many surprising opportunities!


Finally reiterate: different personal situations and different ideas, the investment plan should be customized and made, the most prudent is to contact our investment experts, talk through it before making a move, so as to be fast and accurate! (A good product is in demand anywhere and anytime!) Don't fight the unprepared battle.

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